The easiest way to collect real estate payments.

DepositLink Pay is a one-click secure payment solution designed to take the complexity out of real-estate transactions. Clients can make digital payments in minutes with no cost to brokers, agents, landlords, title companies or attorneys.
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Introductory screens of a payment workflow on the DepositLink platform

Replace paper checks with a digital solution.

A DepositLink request being shared via text message on a mobile device

Easy access

Buyers and renters initiate payments directly from your company’s website or via text through a customized Pay Link. No app download or payment requests are required.

Customized for your business

Buyers and renters select a state, office, or agent to ensure the payment is recorded and directed to the appropriate bank account.
Information being filled out for a new office created on the DepositLink platform
A welcome screen for making a payment on the DepositLink platform featuring options for a rental or sale payment

Multiple workflows

EMD or rental payments can be submitted through one customized Pay link. Payments are directly routed to escrow or commission accounts for you

Branded user experience

Your company logo and contact information appear throughout the client payment experience to ensure your clients feel secure making payments with their trusted partner.
A successful payment screen on the DepositLink platform
An agent's profile and information displayed on the DepositLink platform

Agent profiles

Customized agent profiles display agent name, photo, and a personalized welcome message as clients make their payment, keeping the agent connected to the transaction.

Streamlined client experience

Buyers and renters are prompted to make their payment with step-by-step instructions available on any internet-connected device.
A payment being made on the DepositLink platform
An agent's profile and information displayed on the DepositLink platform

Status updates

Real-time tracking and email notifications keep everyone informed as payments are processed and cleared. After the transaction clears, detailed proof of deposit receipts are emailed to all parties.

Fast & secure payment processing

Good funds are delivered to your account in as little as 24 hours. Money transfer is available instantly from all U.S. banks and credit unions within the ACH network.
Connecting a bank account on the DepositLink platform
A list of previous transactions displayed on the DepositLink platform

Comprehensive transaction reporting

All payments are tracked and stored in the DepositLink Pay system and pushed to your accounts with detailed addenda records. Extensive reconciliation data is easily available for download.

Empower your clients to make faster payments with self-serve access to the DepositLink Pay portal.

It's time to modernize your payment solution.

Partner with us to create a digital payment platform that works for your business.
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