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Fast, secure, digital payments for apartment rentals.

Collect deposits and commissions from multiple tenants in minutes.
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We confirm sufficient funds and payments clear in one business day.

Remove the risk from rentals

Keep transactions moving quickly. No more waiting for tenants to mail or drop off checks. Accounting staff no longer need to process bank deposits and reconcile payments. DepositLink handles it all so rental transactions move faster.

Renters prefer digital payments when leasing an apartment

Renters are more tech-savvy than ever and expect a digital experience. Remove the friction caused by paper checks with our simple and secure digital payment platform.
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Redirect payments to landlords and management companies.

Request up to $250,000 in a single transfer, and choose a destination for each payment.

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Custom admin settings

Flexible configuration settings allow administrators to set up bank accounts, offices, and user roles to work best for your business. Your company logo and contact details appear throughout for a seamless customer experience.

Intuitive and quick payment

Renters are guided through a simple process to verify identity, connect a bank account, and securely send payments. Most U.S. banks and credit unions are available for instant connection via the ACH network.
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A rental deposit clearing on the DepositLink platform

Informative status communications

All parties are automatically informed in real-time as payments are requested, completed, and cleared. Detailed proof of payment receipts are attached to each transaction.

Help whenever you need

We are dedicated to providing best-in-class service to all DepositLink users. Knowledgeable customer service representatives are available by phone, email, or chat seven days a week.
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Let DepositLink streamline your business.

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