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January 18, 2023

DepositLink is pleased to partner with COMPASS to provide fast, secure digital payments to COMPASS agents and teams in the New England and Tri-State regions.

COMPASS agents are saving time every day by using DepositLink to collect escrow deposits, rental payments, and commissions.

  • $250 Million+ in funds transferred
  • 17,000+ completed payments
  • 3,894 agents onboarded
  • 54% sales transactions, 46% rental transactions

Getting Started with DepositLink

*no app download required

DepositLink is conveniently available on the COMPASS OneLogin dashboard for quick and easy access. To access DepositLink go to on your browser. *Access through the OneLogin app is coming soon.

Activate your DepositLink Account

Complete the COMPASS Account Activation form. Once submitted, you will receive an email with instructions.

Agent Support

Access our full library of user guides and videos on our Help & Training Page.

Here's what COMPASS agents are saying about DepositLink

"DepositLink has been an absolute game changer to my business. In an industry, where time is one of the most valuable assets, Deposit Link provides a safe, quick and easy way for clients to send purchase and sales funds, up front funds to landlords and broker fees. The website is easy to use for clients and agents alike. My clients love that they are able to send funds without having to find their checkbooks and take a trip to the post office. It eliminates added stress to the home buying and apartment renting process. I am so grateful for the time that Deposit Link has saved us all." - Jen Millington, Aranson + Maguire Group

"We use DepositLik and love it. This is one of the reasons we joined COMPASS. We were doing a deal with a COMPASS Agent, and they sent me this link for our buyers. So easy and user-friendly". - Peter Rooney, The Rooney Group

"DepositLink has been a game changer for me and my team of 7 agents operating out of the Boston Back Bay office. It perfectly aligns with the COMPASS mission to empower agents and make us more efficient. It has completely streamlined a process that was inefficient and time consuming for both the agent and the consumer. In addition to the time is saves, it eliminates the possibility that a paper check gets lost, misplaced or get into the wrong hands — which was always a concern for me. I plan to use deposit link in any transaction possible moving forward." - Alexandra Biega, Principal Biega + Kilgore Team

"That was easy and time efficient. Love it! It really beats delivering checks.” - Colleen Kelly, Kelly Homes Group.

"The DepositLink support team is the BEST! Always very helpful and ready to support our agents and clients right away! Thank you so much for all your support, and thank you for this amazing tool"! - Admin, COMPASS

"Amazing service! The team worked extremely fast to make sure my issue was resolved. They were quick to answer my call, very personable, and always available for anything I needed. I would highly recommend it"! - Nikki Cappadona, COMPASS New England

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DepositLink offers 7 day live support for admins, agents and clients.

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