Keep it Simple, Old Dog

Jay Rooney


November 1, 2021

If you are an ‘old dog’ real estate professional like me, sifting through the mountain of available real estate technology and marketing tools to find the ones that will help you make more money is not easy. As a top producing agent and a Broker/Owner for 26 years, I was constantly looking for ways to get a leg up on the competition with slick marketing, and investments in technology.

Many of the investments I made were motivated by my fear of the competition finding the next best thing before I did. Because of that, I made several impulsive investments that didn’t work out. I also made some great investments in tools like DocuSign and a cutting-edge web design platform circa 2007, which gave me and my team a significant competitive advantage in the Boston market at the time.

The truth is, every successful real estate agent and broker I know (including me) has invested their time and money in tools that didn’t work before they found the ones that did. My advice is to keep it simple when evaluating technology investments. Focus on tools that will help in these three areas:

  1. Make you more efficient (save you time)
  2. Position you as a tech-savvy expert in your market (make you look better)
  3. Help you increase service levels for your clients (make your clients happier)

Your time, reputation and clients are, by far, the three most important aspects of your business. Invest your time and money in technology tools that address these three things and your business will flourish.

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