Wire Fraud is Rampant. Are You and Your Clients Protected?



February 16, 2024

Minimize the Risk of Wire Fraud

According to the FBI, one in three real estate transactions in the United States are targeted for wire fraud, and 2,284 victims lost a total of $446.1 Million to real estate related wire fraud in 2022. That’s an alarming $1.2 Million per day lost by unsuspecting buyers, sellers, and companies in the real estate industry.

Even more troubling, unrecovered losses from real estate related wire fraud increased 85% from 2019 to 2022 as indicated in this PSA issued by the FBI in June of 2023.

Fraudsters hack the email accounts of real estate agents/brokers, attorneys, and title/escrow officers every day to monitor real estate transactions and steal large sums of money through wire fraud.

If your company is currently emailing unprotected wire instructions for escrow payments, commission payments, closing funds, or rental payments, you and your clients could be at risk.

With DepositLink SecureShare, real estate professionals can share wire instructions securely, for any payment type, and minimize the risk of wire fraud.

Watch this video to learn how.

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